First Aid Courses

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First Aid at Work

No matter what precautions we take to keep our employees safe in the workplace, accidents can - and will - happen. Knowing how to handle the situation when it occurs, however, is what makes all the difference. That’s where First Aid at Work (FAW) training comes in. Providing you with the necessary skills to handle an accident or emergency safely and confidently, this course offers the highest level of first aid training normally undertaken in the workplace.

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Health & Safety Courses

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Risk Assessment Training

A legal requirement of a business owner is to undertake a ‘health check’ or risk assessment of their workplace to in order to identify potential dangers or risks to those working in that environment. More than a legal requirement, however, a risk assessment allows you to make provisions to protect your staff, your premises and your bottom line.

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Manual Handling Courses

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Manual Handling Training

Whilst most people are guilty of lifting or moving a load incorrectly, many don’t consider it to be a big issue - until somebody gets injured. Last year, over 900,000 working days were lost due to handling injuries, with an average of 6.6 days lost per injury. Manual handling training, then, is of great significance in the workplace - from both the perspective of health and safety, and profit.

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